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Edyta Purzycka

Edyta Purzycka – graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

1996 – diploma in graphic arts supervised by Professor Halina Pawlikowska, additionally: painting and photography.
1995 – 1996 – holder of a scholarship from the Minister of Art and Culture. Since 1997 – a member of the Association of Polish Artists (ZPAP).

She uses several plate printing techniques: etching, aquatint, soft varnish. This allows experimenting in facture treatment and obtaining painting effects.

Edyta created the graphic get – ups of the students’ monthly journal called „Maska”(The Mask), and also the artistic quarterly „Format”. She co – operate whit the „Rita Baum” literary and artistic periodical and whit the Publishing House for Schools (PWN). In January of 2000 she designed the scenery for the spectacle called Christmas –Eve, in Wrocław. In 2001 the „TIKKUN” Publishers edited a volume of poetry of Peter Gehrisch, the German poet, whit graphics of Edyta Purzycka.

1996 – Głogów, the X Gallery
1996 – Wrocław, the Pod Plafonem Gallery
1996 – Wrocław, the Arsenal, diploma exhibition
1997 – Wrocław, the MPiK Gallery
1998 – Wrocław, the Horszowski Gallery ( Paula Rettinger&Edyta Purzycka graphic arts exhibition)
1998 – International Biennale of Graphic Arts „Cuprum VIII” – prize from the Director of the State Gallery of Fine Arts in Legnica.
1998 – Kraków, the Podgórze Gallery of Ex libris
2000 – Legnica, State Gallery of Fine Arts
2001 – Wrocław, the Ogniwo Gallery
2001 – Warszawa, the Arka Gallery
2002 – Warszawa, the Między Nami café
2003 – Kraków, the Labirynt Gallery
2004 – Wrocław, the Pod Plafonem Gallery
2005 – Herxheim, Villa Wieser, Weiblichkeit
2005 – Wrocław. Salon Śląski
2007 – Wrocław, Galeria M
2008 – Wrocław, Galeria M Odwach
2009-  Warszawa, Gallery of Ex libris
2009  – Wrocław, Salon Śląski
2009 – Warszawa, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny
2010 – Sokołowsko, EOSI
2011 – Wrocław Galeria M
2013 – Wrocław, Galeria M
2014 – Wrocław, the Pod Plafonem Gallery
2014 – Schifferstadt, das Rathaus
2014 – Szczecin, Fanaberia